Wednesday, 11 February 2015

International Gundam Society - The new era in animation world

He left one of the most respected blogs Gundam in Brazil, a story about an event called International Gundam Society. The post is interesting and very curious. That the Japanese are fanatics Gundam, that no one doubted. There are exclusive events dedicated to the series, and several other crazy things. Even so, the latest news surrounding the classic series is even more bizarre than any other. Some professors will discuss in that event, the situation of a fictional world where Gundans exist.

Their influence in society, as well as issues such as special colonization and a possible war in space will also be on the agenda. See the matter of Tobe Gundam! A Gundam International Society For Tobe Gundam! Huh? Now Gundam became a political party? Wrong! As part of the Hiroshima Animation Biennale 2008 will take place from the 7th to the 26th of August there will be an event called "International Gundam Society" (Gundam International Society) will present a vision socioeconomic alternative future (or not, who knows) where there are the famous Mobile Suit Gundam.

The event will examine the various situations, problems and actions that a city of the future if it had grown, being influenced by the Gundams as one of its main cultural components - even with the continuing popularity of the series in the future! -. Participants include Professor Shinya Hashizume, Dr. Etsuko Yamaguchi, and the speaker Mikio Sugiura - should be important -. The subjects covered are: The possibility of the "age" Universal Century come true - the possibility of emigration into space and Human conflicts on Earth and in space - a historical view of elitism.

The social psychology of "spacenoids" (the emergence of Newtype) Love the earth and the home (the effects in which to live away from home) The revolution of Zeon ( considering the perpetuation of fascism) Technocracy policies (Earth Federation) The possibility of change of human consciousness in a war the international spread and economic impacts of Gundam 400,000 people are the public's expectations for the Biennale, whose main attraction is the Robot Anime Expo. Mental note: If this keeps up, soon will take a course at a university of Gundam.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New era of animation world

2015 seems to be the year of the Proceedings. Not only that the third season of anime (scheduled for July) have several of them (Zero no Tsukaima, Hidamari Skecth, Slayers, Code-E, School Rumble, etc.), we still have the return of Lucky Star and the Higurashi Naku Koro ni Kai in OVA format. Added to this, the confirmation of some Proceedings for October, and other surprises that may still appear. The latest news released last week was the confirmation of the second season of the anime Nodame Cantabile. The news appeared in the own official page title. In addition, the series already has a release date, and it is scheduled for October this year. The second season will be titled Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen. Continued continue with the events of its predecessor, showing Chiaki and Nodame couple studying music in Europe. The series should be displayed on Fuji TV .

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The flawless world - A new animation series

The flawless world is a story of Chiaki Shinichi, a young man from a young age is passionate about music. The Chiaki's father was a world famous musician. During childhood, the protagonist lived a while in Europe due to his father's work. It was there that began to show talent and passion for music. Years later, the boy would enter a music school. And it is from there that the story begins.

Although it is one of the central characters in the plot, the charm of Nodame Cantabile due to another protagonist of the story, Noda Megumi. She is a girl with a great musical talent, even though she herself is unaware their skills. Initially Chiaki sees no major reason to stay in Japan, after the future of any musician is in Europe and its great musical tradition. However, Chiaki is afraid of flying (purchased trauma so returned to Japan with his father), which prevents him from proceeding with his dream.

The appearance of Nodame will change a little Chiaki vision. Even if the first meeting of the two was accidental, and in a way, any kind of special feeling has been aroused by Chiaki, over time, he will find the girl a great musical ability. With her, many other talented musicians begin to appear, which makes the protagonist see Japan otherwise. His dream of becoming ruler also begins to take shape in his own right, but will stop to comment on the anime here to avoid spoilers.

The flawless world is a title that was apparently made ​​for lovers or interested in music, but with good touches of comedy, anime can please even the most lay people in this art. Especially references the work of famous musicians, beyond loyalty to the ambiance of an orchestra.